54000 people in Gilan were skilled last year
Saturday, August 1, 2020 1265 Print

54000 people in Gilan were skilled last year

Director General of Technical and Vocational Training of Gilan said: 54,000 people wrere skilled Last year in private and public institutions in the province

According to the Gilan TVTO  public relations, Mohammad Hosseini in the meeting of the Guilan Skills Council in the governorship on Wednesday  added: 26,000 of these people in the public sector and 28,000 in the private sector of technical and vocational institutions were skilled.

"Tourism, agricultural training, maritime industry, handicrafts and traditional arts, food industry and commercial services are among the priorities of skills training," he said.

Hosseini stated that technical and vocational training in Gilan has 20 public training centers with 153 workshops and 503 employees, he said: 800 private technical and vocational institutions with 1,800 workshops and 2,653 employees in this province are active . The  general director of technical and vocational training of Gilan mentioned the development of skills training is one of the programs and added: We have 80 memorandums of cooperation with the governorship, free zone, etc. Referring to the measures taken in the field of compliance of trainings with the development plans of the province and land management, he said: "We have upgraded the assessment and professional qualifications in the province. referring to the unveiling of the system of construction industry workers in Gilan,  he said: The plan to organize skilled students and workers in the construction industry, improve the quality of construction, and train the productivity of workers in the construction industry is one of the goals of launching this system. Genreral director of Technical and Vocational Trianing of Gilan, mentioned that tourism training was held last year by the General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Training,he noted: We held various courses for active ecotourism managers and applicants for facilities. The meeting of Gilan Province Skills Council was held on Wednesday in the presence of Ali Ausat Hashemi in the governorship.

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